Building cladding & curtain walls

Aluminium curtain walls

A curtain wall is a complex and innovative aluminium system for constructing façades of aluminium and glass, suitable for cladding buildings, offering prestigious architectural construction and modern aesthetic.

  • It offers an ideal relationship between the indoors and the outdoors.
  • Allows direct contact with the natural environment.
  • It is the perfect solution to address the appearance of commercial and private spaces that require lighting, security, convenience, functionality and a perfect aesthetic result.
  • It offers high heat insulation with excellent sealing results, always in conjunction with special energy laminated (triplex) glazing.
  • Manufactured from durable materials that stand up to time.
  • Allows combination with composite etalbond type aluminium panels.
  • Covers a wide range of architectural options with a wide range of super-resistant electrostatic coating colours.

Composite etalbond type aluminium panels

Composite type etalbond aluminium panels can prevail as a cladding material for building façades, due to the nature of aluminium as a material with high durability over time, high mechanical properties, high adaptability to manufacturing and incomparable aesthetic superiority. They may be combined with a wide range of materials and impart particular architectural prestige to many constructions.

Façades with composite aluminium panels:

  • Ideal for saving energy.
  • Resistance to adverse weather conditions.
  • Very wide variety of colours.
  • High mechanical properties.
  • Lightweight material with excellent flatness and finish.
  • Easy to process and assemble.
  • Maintenance free.

Cooperates well with aluminium curtain walls and a wide range of materials.