Aesthetics Upgrade

With alkon doors and windows we improve your quality of life, offering you and your families a variety of individual alloy compositions of European design which enhance the aesthetics of your private space giving it a unique style and personality.

Aesthetics upgrade made to measure

At alkon we design with you for you! We support you, satisfying even your most demanding tastes, responding to your needs on order and subject to individual specifications, thanks to our specialised human resources.

At alkon we have the products to satisfy any specific style and highlight the unseen beauty of your home. Whether you like modern square architectural lines, opting for contemporary sliding aluminium frames with roller shutters and modern blinds, or you prefer not to alter the traditional look of your home by choosing traditional opening four-leaf shutters, alkon will help you get the right type of frames.

The variety of colours available and the facility for imitation wood, satisfy any design ideas. The handles that you can choose in various colours and sizes, will provide the final touch to any aluminium door and window, completing a perfect aesthetic result.

Choose the window and door that suit your home!