Proper Maintenance & Operation

The lifespan of your aluminium frames is greater when some basic and very simple operating & maintenance rules are followed. Also, by complying with these rules the conservation of the frames' energy features and performance results you were given upon their purchase (CE) is ensured. The main principle for the proper maintenance of your frames is proper & regular cleaning.

General rules for the proper operation & maintenance of aluminium systems

• Whether a frame is opening or sliding & retractable, it should be opened and closed as instructed by the installation work team, with the handle always in the correct position. Opening frames which have a tilting mechanism should be opened and closed exactly as the technician has indicated, because otherwise the mechanism may be blocked and your door or window will not closed and lock.

• Aluminium frames are designed to accept and expel rainwater through their drainage, located on the outside of your windows. This does not mean that they have the ability to reject amounts of water they receive from high pressure washing. It is recommended that this method of cleaning is avoided. Also, to ensure the effectiveness of the water drainage and thus the water tightness for the interior of your home, you should often check for possible blockages by dirt or other debris (leaves etc.).

• You regularly have to remove any dirt, soil, dust or anything else from your sliding aluminium frames and their drivers, which may hinder the frames' sliding on the driver and thus long term damaged the rollers – roller brushes.

• In coastal or industrial areas it is recommended twice or more a year to inspect and clean the frame's exterior fittings (locks – hinges – handles) in order to remove any material residues, which can cause oxidation and may damage the long term proper operation of your frames. Cleaning with mild soap and a soft cloth, excluding acidic or abrasive cleaners, is recommended.

• Aluminium roller shutters that operate with an electric mechanism should be handled as specified by the technician who installed them. If the electrical drive becomes blocked, call the service department and do not tamper with it yourself, as you risk more serious damage and an accident.