Sliding heat-insulating aluminium frames

Heavy duty Aluminium Sliding Heat Insulation System, for modern flush mounted and sash constructions with high security and heat insulation performance.

  • Heat-insulating sliding aluminium frames, suitable for perfect functionality, saving space and modern aesthetics.
  • Ability to construct conventional flush mounted and sash and retractable flush mounted & sash, by installing a German retractable mechanism that can lift up to 150 kg per leaf.
  • Robust aluminium frames construction with square profiles along modern design lines.
  • Enhanced 24mm polyamide in the leaf and the driver for maximum energy savings up to 40% and low coefficient Uf = 1.9-5.4 W/Km2.
  • Combination with double energy 4 season glazing with Ug = 1.0 W/Km2, which ensures a low thermal loss coefficient Uw for the final frame.
  • Unnegotiable security with multiple 6 point security locks in the leafs and shutters (total of 12 locking points in a single leaf balcony door with glazing & shutter).
  • Large variety of external blinds and heat-insulating rolling shutters for shading and extra security.
  • Excellent insulation against sound-water-air.
  • High resistance rollers for easy sliding.
  • Imperishable drivers with inox reinforcement.
  • Enhanced brushes for insulation and silent operation.
  • Certified energy frame construction by European testing and measurement laboratories (Rosenheim-Giordano) with excellent performance in the required characteristics: Heat insulation – Security – Resistance to wind load – Water tightness – Air permeability.