Who We are

We envision perfection of your space!
We offer total quality-security-energy savings

alkon - KONSTANTOPOULOS is a large and flexible modern company that designs, manufactures and installs aluminium doors and windows as well as special structures of aluminium and iron, for residential and commercial buildings worldwide.

After a presence of 2 decades in the aluminium sector, alkon manufactures the appropriate energy saving frames for any demanding project nationwide, with the knowledge that frames are the most important structural elements of buildings, which differ from region to region, depending on climate zones and energy requirements.
We are leaders in the developments accomplished in the aluminium industry, concerning new materials, techniques and fittings and so we can say that alkon is advancing ahead of time, as it provides a set of services, which is constantly updated and upgraded.

Our company's course continues exactly as it begun. New homes and demanding modern commercial buildings, as well as the replacement of old frames with new, these were and are our main activities. Our people always provide their full attention and realise the wellbeing you have dreamed of.
From our first visit to your location and the study of your needs, to the implementation of the most demanding construction, alkon is close to you. It installs your own specific aluminium systems, with the quality certification of the manufacturer that has stood out for years.



alkon – KONSTANTOPOULOS is housed in proprietary manufacturing and showroom facilities, with a total area of 3.000m². The new ultra-modern aluminium frame manufacturing plant is located in the Keratea industrial zone (Keratea Attica Industrial Park).
The state of the art automate production equipment utilises latest technology EMMEGI equipment, always ensuring the perfect result.

Our company's human resources consist of specialised, continuously trained personnel in all departments and we have our own work teams, both for installation and for the maintenance of projects, offering excellent service.
Both the quality and quantity production of aluminium frames is based on the complete specialisation, which distinguishes the company's production technicians.

alkon's up to date and modern showroom is located in Agios Demitrios in Attica, Agion Saranta 62 & Genadiou, and displays a wide range of aluminium structures covering the Ral colour palette, Sable, Mat & Imitation Wood, covering every design solution as well as the most demanding tastes.
Visit us daily 9.00-15.00 and 17.30-21.00 and on Saturday 9.00-14.30.
Our experienced engineers will offer you comprehensive and economical solutions for aluminium doors and windows, depending on your building. They will guide you in the selection of the right system to suit your needs. Following the study, design and costing of your new frames, the company provides you with a precise, written schedule for the construction and installation work.

Manufacture is carried out, in accordance with the feasibility study, in a modern factory with equipment that highlights aluminium's high mechanical properties and imparts the superiority alkon quality to your frames.
Our technicians' long experience contributes to completing the demanding installation stage of the new aluminium frames quickly, easily and without problems arising from need for minor repairs and new interventions.

Finally alkon undertakes in writing the proper function and application of its structures and provides a lifelong maintenance of your frames, for all completed projects!

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