Energy Upgrade

alkon undertakes comprehensive study, design, manufacture and installation of modern energy aluminium frames that conform seamlessly to the aesthetics of your space, enhance your home's energy identity and provide the maximum possible level of security that you can have from your frames.

The thermal break systems used by alkon to construct energy aluminium frames ensure excellent dual energy behaviour. In winter they trap heat inside your home, blocking the cold from penetrating into it, and in summer they keep the coolness inside and stop the heat and the sun's rays form affecting the interior's temperature.

alkon alloy systems other than the polyamide insulating material insert which has excellent chemical and heat resistant properties, have a special foam core (Elvial I2 technology) forming an extra insulation zone which further ensures the reduction of thermal flow through the aluminium profile. The result of this extra insulation zone is a greatly improved profile heat transmission rate Uf of 1.8 - 2.3 W/Km2 which with suitable double (Ug = 1.0 W/Km2) or triple glazing (Ug = 0.6 W/Km2) in opening systems, provides the lowest possible heat transmission rate Uw for the final frame. Furthermore, the central waterproofing and glazing rubbers are designed with special flaps, so as to effectively reduce the thermal flow from the aluminium profiles.

In order to ensure the final thermal performance of its aluminium frames, alkon cooperates with the best energy glass manufacturers, installing double & triple energy 4 season glazing (low solar absorption coefficient, low index of heat loss, high rate of natural light permeability) which with suitable sealing materials, provide optimal energy results.

What you achieve with the new alkon aluminium energy frames, which replace your old windows
• Noise, water and air insulation.
• Elimination of internal moisture on windows during the winter.
• Reduction of heat loss inside the house by up to 40%.
• Minimisation of the percentage of solar radiation inside the house and especially ultraviolet radiation, which causes wear to furniture, curtains and carpets.

By replacing doors and windows, with maintenance free ones, you achieve a new quality of living through your contact with the external environment, the exploitation of natural resources in light and air, and the security of your personal space.