Aluminium shutters and blinds

Aluminium shutters

alkon manufactures aluminium shutters, satisfying in the best possible way your need for absolute security of your space and shade when you wish.

Sliding or opening shutters, of robust construction which complete aesthetically and functionally the interior aluminium frames, offering optimal security and total shading.

  • Choose sliding shutters, if you want to save space and to create a modern look. Due to the triple safety locks with which they are fitted, you secure your home once and for all. The range of blinds – modern style square, oval to maintain the current appearances – is wide and can satisfy any discerning taste.
  • If your house has a classic style, opt for two- or four-leaf opening shutters, with French type aluminium blinds or traditional aluminium panels. The option of imitation wood will complete the traditional architectural style. Moreover, this structure will ensure maximum soundproofing and security via heavy duty locks and hinges.

Aluminium blinds

External Aluminium Blinds are an effective means for interior shading as they significantly limit the solar radiation that passes inside. Their main advantages are:

  • Robustness and durability due to the nature of aluminium.
  • Possibility of being finished in any colour the same as the aluminium frames in the same space.

The electrostatic coating process with certified highly-resistant powders (super-resistant colours) make the product timeless.

Aluminium blinds can be driven manually or electrically, and can be installed both in residential and in commercial buildings.