asfaleiaAt alkon we understand that the need to safeguard your personal space is of paramount importance. Aluminium frames are the structural elements that play the most important role in issues of security and that is why for years we have felt the responsibility to construct secure frames that withstand time.

To this has contributed our modern factory since 2010 in the Keratea Attica Industrial Park which is equipped with automated state of the art machinery (Emmegi) and a constantly training and developing staff.

• For opening systems the mounting bench for the perimeter locking mechanism that we have, ensures the installation of the German locking mechanism, which secures opening frames at over 10 points around their perimeter.

• For the sliding systems we use the most secure locks, which secure one balcony door sash at 3 double points – a total of 6 points.

• For retractable systems the German mechanisms are used, based on system specifications, and in apart from the unique resistance that have over time, they provide multiple locking points in large dimension doors. Furthermore, their main advantage, that the possibility of lifting a sash of up to 400 kg, provides these aluminium systems with very high mechanical strength.

The glazing, also plays a very important role in the behaviour of an aluminium frame, it can upgrade the overall security level of a structure. For instance installing laminated glass (known as triplex) in your frames minimizes the chances of a glass pane falling on you if broken, as it will remain broken in the frame and will not cause any injuries.

At alkon we have the knowledge to guide you to the right solution that meets your need for security. We are proud to manufacture the safest aluminium frames on the market using quality materials and modern production and installation procedures that highlight construction quality.

• High mechanical strength aluminium systems.
• Perimeter multipoint locks on all systems.
• Advanced mechanisms and certified German components.
• Glazing offering extra security to avoid injuries (laminated – security).
• New technology production and compliance with all system technical specifications.

alkon quality of manufacture and installation.