Aluminium atriums and special structures

Aluminium atriums

Atriums offer light and a unique sense of oneness with the environment.

alkon manufactures and installs aluminium & glass atriums with unique aesthetics, aiming to save the maximum of space & energy and unique contact offered with the external environment.

• Combination of various aluminium systems: Aluminium curtain wall combined with appropriate sliding heat-insulating frames for excellent insulation against water – noise - air.
• Combination with shading systems which offer a unique quality of life (protection from light when required).
• High-end modern aesthetics with simultaneous leading heat insulation, due to special energy low-emissivity glazing.
• Excellent soundproofing performance ensured by special laminated glazing.

Special aluminium structures

Curved aluminium frames

Arched-curved aluminium frames are reminiscent of traditional forms, but can also be successfully used in modern compositions.

• Facility for construction using thermal break profiles, combined with energy glazing for a maximum insulation effect.
• The variety of colours that aluminium can be painted in as material, provide a distinctive aesthetic value to arched aluminium frames, reminiscent of something traditional yet timeless.

Folding doors

Folding door frames are a combination of three or more aluminium leafs, which are folded to free the total area of an opening and simultaneously to transparently close large openings.

• Use of suitable thermal break or conventional aluminium system, which provides security to a large opening without taking up space as other systems do.
• Through the use of heat insulating profiles, a special German locking mechanism is installed, which offers superior durability, security and sealing.
• Use of robust security components with high mechanical strength.
• Ability to construct multiple leafs (3 leafs and above).
• Satisfactory transparency and contact with the exterior environment, thanks to the use of large glazed surfaces.

Ideal aluminium door structures for professional facades, residential terraces and patios.