Aluminium mesh screens

alkon manufactures and installs aluminium screens for aluminium frames, satisfying in the best possible way your need for direct contact with the natural environment and at the same time protection from insects and bugs, which can be annoying or even dangerous. Additionally, the screens offer natural ventilation, light and a view, which help to create a healthy living and working environment while contributing to saving energy.

Choose the one that suits you and enjoy contact with nature in comfort and safety.
The screens we manufacture are suitable for aluminium window and doors of all types and dimensions, and ideally combine functionality and aesthetics. Either horizontal or vertical displacement, they are easily and quickly installed on all frames and through proper use and with proper maintenance they are the most durable means of insect protection.

  • The vertical displacement spring loaded screens are ideal for windows with small openings, being a very convenient and economical solution. They are installed very quickly and easily mainly on opening windows.
  • Horizontal displacement plisse screens with a driver can be installed on all types of frames, even on aluminium frames of large dimensions.
    They are the ideal solution for sliding balcony doors, on which no provision was made for a sliding mesh screen (triple guide). Also, they are the only option for opening doors, due to their great ease of movement. They are characterized by their aesthetic appearance with plisse cloth, excellent usability, installation on almost all types of frames, even in large openings, and easy operation.
  • Alternatively to the plisse systems, there are horizontal screens with straight "invisible" cloth and a track mechanism, instead of the conventional driver. They are the more advanced version of plisse sieves, as they do not restrict the view from a large opening of an aluminium frame and thanks to the track, exhibit greater durability over time.
  • The sliding screens we manufacture are the ideal solution for all sliding systems with a triple sliding guide.
    They are the most practical and economical solution for sliding aluminium systems, being manufactured in large dimensions and having high resistance and durability over time due to the metal aluminium cloth we use.
  • The electrically driven vertical displacement screens are modern mesh screen systems, with the ability to cover very large openings and electrical cable or wireless (remote control) function.
    They are selected for quite large frame openings, up to 4 meters for each screen leaf, completing uniquely aesthetics of a modern sliding sash frame, a large hinged balcony door or a multi-leaf folding door. Their electrical movement via a cabled or wireless motor makes the most advanced screen system available.