Retractable heat-insulating aluminium frames

Leading Heavy Duty Aluminium Retractable Heat Insulation System, suitable for large openings that require high security, maximum heat insulation, structural strength, functionality and modern aesthetics.

  • Unique design, robust construction and ease of use.
  • Ideal for very large openings, requiring an unobstructed view, while at the same time insulating the interior from the exterior.
  • Ability to construct aluminium frames, sash and flush mounted with modern square profile.
  • Easy sliding thanks to a special German mechanism that lifts the frame locks the perimeter at multiple points and blocks the leaf's lift for maximum security. The mechanism's specially reinforced rollers can lift up to 300 kg per leaf.
  • Facility for electrically driven movement and remote control for ease of use.
  • Special thermobrake with 24mm reinforced polyamide, both on the leaf and the driver for a low thermal loss coefficient Uf = 4.1 - 6.0 W/Km2.
  • Combination with triple or double energy 4 season glazing with Ug = 0.6 W/Km2 & Ug = 1.0 W/Km2 to reduce heat losses by up to 40% and a low frame Uw heat transmission rate.
  • For shading and extra security on doors and windows, large variety of external blinds and heat-insulating rolling shutters.
  • Particular insulation and sealing against water and air thanks to system's special waterproofing rubber components.
  • Special certified sound reduction performance for enhanced soundproofing in the home's interior.
  • Imperishable drivers with inox reinforcement.
  • Special - modern handles for ease of use and aesthetics.

Top performance of the energy frames in security, heat insulation, soundproofing, water tightness and resistance to wind load and air permeability with measurements from notified European testing laboratories (Rosenheim-Giordano).