Alumunium roller shutters

Aluminium roller shutters can be fitted to most types of aluminium frames and offer great convenience in their daily operation, so are the most modern option regarding the required security and shading by the frames.

Their adaptability to old construction frames and their unique aesthetics on new modern aluminium frames, make them the first choice both for replacement of old frames and new constructions with high energy standards and requirements.

At alkon we manufacture and install all types of aluminium roller shutters for domestic use. Depending on the frame on which are they are externally installed and the desired function, there are various types of aluminium boxes heat-insulating or not, slats and alternative driving methods.

  • Aluminium roller shutters with polyurethane filled aluminium slats (9Χ39 ή 9Χ43), are the lightest aluminium roller shutters suitable for all types of opening or sliding aluminium windows.
    Their movement is performed manually via a belt or alternatively by an electric motor for greater ease. These roller shutters offer excellent heat insulation, due to the polyurethane, satisfactory security and shading.
  • Aluminium roller shutters with heavy duty aluminium slats (9X40 etc.), are the robust construction solution for maximum security, modern aesthetic effect, excellent shading, easy operation and satisfactory heat insulation.
    Their movement is only via an electric motor due to their weight, cabled or wirelessly using the appropriate automation. They are suitable for installation on doors and balcony doors opening or sliding and on aluminium frames with large dimensions. They impart aesthetics & security to the interior frame, making their everyday operation very easy.

  • Perforated Heavy duty aluminium slats are the most modern construction solution in roller shutter systems with very modern design, maximum safety, due to their increased weight and strength compared to conventional aluminium slats. Additionally, due to the perforations, they allow ventilation of the interior of the room where they will be installed and the permeability of natural light, when you so wish. They perfectly complement the image of a modern sliding construction.

All three types of roller shutters may be installed in thermal break aluminium boxes, which ensure the maximum heat insulation that you can be had from roller shutter systems. In combination with internal heat insulation aluminium systems have a very low heat transmission rate for the final frame.

At alkon we undertake to study your space and recommend the best combination of materials, drive method and aesthetic visualization according to your wishes.