alkon Design Tips

Pick the aluminium frames that match your personality!

We understand that a very basic motive for the replacement of your frames is the desire to improve the view and feel that you have of your own home. Frames not only "dress" the external image of your home, but also configure the decorative lines to be followed for the interior. For every different architectural style, there is a suitable frame, which will complete your vision and will bring out the beauty of your space.

With alkon opening aluminium systems, with traditional architectural lines and shutters with French blinds in colours from the Mesogeios series by Neokem or imitation wood, you choose classic and timeless structures of high architectural prestige.

With alkon sliding systems, you select square and simple architectural lines for your frames with aluminium shutters or roller shutters, with square slats and large blinds and perforation. This way you impart a contemporary, modern and industrial architectural style to your space, following the trends of the times.

It is certain that by choosing aluminium doors and windows of any architectural style for your own space, alkon is able to give you much more than what you dreamed.