Warranty & Service

The main concern of the people at alkon is customer satisfaction through the provision of high quality products and services. That is why we manufacture the most demanding and complex aluminium frame constructions, dictated by modern architecture.

Providing expert advice at all stages of your project's construction and the organized network of alkon technicians, that immediately responds to any technical difficulty arising after the sale (after sales service), are the elements that make a difference for us. Our company has a workshop for all repairs – adjustments of the structures it installs. Always keep our company phone at hand for any instructions, advice or intervention.

alkon warranty

From the department of experienced mechanical engineers who carefully study and design every possible solution to satisfy the most demanding projects and the telephone service department, which informs you on the status of your order to the production department, which utilizes the possibilities offered by the most modern machinery and strict specialization of our technicians, our company's total human resources work for you.

The guarantee for the materials and components we use in aluminium doors and windows in conjunction with the alkon guarantee for the quality of manufacture and our years of experience in the installation process, allow us to offer a lifetime guarantee for the quality materials and a long-term written warranty for proper operation and application for all the projects we deliver.

alkon, wishing to acknowledge and ensure your choice of our products, provide you with basic written instructions for the proper maintenance, cleaning and proper operation that you must follow in order to ensure their long term durability and excellent appearance. Our warrantee for all the projects we deliver is subject to these rules.