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Main & auxiliary security doors                                                                                    

Aluminium shutters and blinds                                                                                    

Aluminium roller shutters can be fitted to most types of aluminium frames and offer great convenience in their daily operation, so are the most modern option regarding the required security and shading by the frames.

alkon manufactures and installs aluminium screens for aluminium frames, satisfying in the best possible way your need for direct contact with the natural environment and at the same time protection from insects and bugs, which can be annoying or even dangerous. Additionally, the screens offer natural ventilation, light and a view, which help to create a healthy living and working environment while contributing to saving energy.

ΙΝΟΧ type aluminium railings are a complete modular system for railings applicable for outdoor and indoor decoration, made of 100% Aluminium. A perfect combination with aluminium frames.

Folding security doors protect your private space without restricting movement within it. They allow in light and air to circulate freely and do not restrict the view to the outside.

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