Cleaning of Aluminium Frames

The main principle for the proper maintenance of your frames is proper & regular cleaning.

1. Aluminium frame

Clean dirt and smudges with a soft cloth and neutral liquid detergents inside and out. This means that with abrasive soaps or acidic and abrasive cleaning agents may cause permanent damage to the aluminium. Before contact of the cleaning agent with large aluminium surfaces, a test on a very small area is recommended. Silicone residues that may have remained on some aluminium parts can be removed with cotton and wood alcohol.

Also, never rub the aluminium frame with brushes or other abrasive materials.

2. Glazing

Frequent cleaning of the glazing surfaces of your aluminium frames is very important to ensure the transparency and energy efficiency of your glazing. The best practice is to clean your glazing with a mixture of mild washing liquid and water. When finished, rinse with fresh water and wipe the surface with a soft cleaning cloth.

Never use aggressive – chemical cleaners, cleaners containing petroleum products or tools, which can damage the glass and never spray water with a high pressure hose.

3. Mesh screen

When you wish to clean your screens, for the fabric part of the screen use only mild soap, water and a soft cleaning cloth, without sharp parts that could tear the fabric.

4. Exterior fittings (locks – hinges – knobs – handles)

In coastal or industrial areas it is recommended twice or more a year to inspect and clean exterior fittings of aluminium doors and window (locks – hinges – handles) in order to remove any material residues, which can cause oxidation and may damage the long term proper operation of your frames. Cleaning with mild soap and a soft cloth, excluding acidic or abrasive cleaners, is recommended.